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•  Sakarya-Arifiye Land
Tekirdağ Land

Sakarya-Arifiye Land

Location : Sakarya Province, Arifiye District
Surface Area : 81.900,16 m2
Added in the Portfolio : 2012

The deed transfer of four parcels in The important industrial entities and sub-industry premises provide the region with employment opportunities, as well as social and economic development. Arifiye started to receive rapid immigration, owing to multitude of transportation means and increase of employment opportunities because of its proximity to Adapazarı. Small-sized industrial premises that provide services to large-sized industrial entities as sub-industries significantly contribute to the region and country economy.

The parcels are surrounded by sites that have 2 or 4 storey buildings, detached houses and uncultivated and planted land. The parcels are 1.5 km away from D-100 Highway and around 2.5 km away from TEM highway. The topographical structure of the land is low pitched and flat.

The land located on block no. 119, parcel no.1 and block no. 120 and parcels no. 7764 and 7765 enjoy city view and a completed infrastructure. The area where centrally located parcels are found was planned as a residential zone. The total size of the parcels enable development of a multi-functioned project.
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