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Sakarya-Arifiye Land
•  Tekirdağ Land

Tekirdağ Land

Location: Tekirdağ
Gross Area: 12.000 m²
Appraisement Value: 720.000 TL

Thrace is becoming closer to İstanbul and residential demand in Turkey of the Turks living in Balkans increases every day. It is also expected that the Asiaport that is undergoing construction in Barbaros will accelerate the region’s growth.

Due to development works carried out, the 12,000 m2 land in Thrace is divided by roads and green areas into 3 plots with total net surface area of 8,166 m2. Parcels that have the nature of land have a total surface area of 8,166.05, comprising these three plots of 4,058.40 m2, 624.71 m2 and 3,482.94 m2 .

The lands are 100 m away from Barbaros D-110 connection road, 300 m away from Tekirdağ-Kumbağ motorway, 600 m away from the Sea, 1,200 m away from Barbaros Preliminary School, and 1,500 m away from Barbaros Municipality. Traveling back and forth is easy. The infrastructure of the surrounding area is completed.

When we take into consideration the location, zoning status and development potential of the region of the parcels, it is considered that the most appropriate strategy is to use them as a residential area.
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