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By developing different housing projects with its experience and different vision, Yeşil REIT is attentive to sustain its social responsibility awareness at all areas which is a necessity to be a corporation investing in the future. Yeşil REIT, which defines social responsibility as part of its corporate culture, priorities the social benefit and sustainability principles with its people and environment oriented view while planning its operations. The objective of our Donations and Grants Policy is to fulfill our social responsibilities, increase the awareness of corporate responsibility of our partners and employees, meet the social and communal needs and provide benefits to the public. For this purpose, we have been supporting the projects that would contribute to social development.

Within this scope:

The Company may make donations within the scope of social responsibility and the principles and procedures set by the Capital Markets Board. As the upper limit for donations to be made in 2014, 220,000 TRY has been determined and following the approval by the General Assembly donations cannot exceed this amount. Donations made are added to the distributable profit base and cannot be contrary to the legislative regulations of Capital Markets about hidden profits distribution. In addition, donations are made in a way that does not conflict with the its own objectives and topics and on condition of the necessary disclosures and the submission of the information of the donations made within the year to the shareholders at general assembly.

Donations and grants are made with the consideration of the concerned regulations of Ministry of Finance.

The shareholders are given detailed information about the donations and grants made at the Ordinary General Assembly of the year concerned.
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