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1. What is a real estate investment trust?
2. How can investors invest in real estate investment trust companies?
3. What should investors be careful about while they are investing in real estate investment trust shares?
4. How is the price of a share determined?
5. Are real estate investment trust companies audited by independent audit firms?
6. What is the Shareholder Structure of Yeşil REIT?
7. When is Yeşil REIT established and opened to public?
8. What is the paid capital of Yeşil REIT?
9. What is the profit distribution policy of Yeşil REIT?
10. How frequent does Yeşil REIT publish its financial statements?
11. Which rating reports does Yeşil REIT have?
12. What is the Board of Directors like?
13. How can I reach to the Articles of Association of the company?
14. Who can I contact to about my inquiries?
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