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Human Resources Management at Yeşil Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. integrates around general management principles based on common corporate values as well as the concepts of full disclosure, flexibility, value adding and authorization where human is the priority.

The goal of our Human Resources Management is improving individual and team performances with procedures and systems enhancing the quality for using the human resource the most efficient and profitable way as well as providing a professional working environment and career development opportunities for the employees.

In this respect:

- All employees are provided with a working environment enabling them to use their talents and skills.

- Determining the real wage increase, educational needs and career plans of the employees are applied within objective criteria.

- Employees are provided with internal and external education environments for their personal improvement, increased success and preparedness for superior posts.

- A platform enabling to find and propose new ideas provided within mutual respect, trust, understanding and efficient communication.

- Systems encouraging and awarding success are developed and applied.

- The honor and values of individuals are respected in the working environment. The best performance levels of the employees are encouraged in an objective team working and cooperation environment.

- Open and timely conversations with employees are encouraged regardless from the requiring side is the management or themselves. Individual rights are respected. Managers are responsible from the performance and improvement of their staff. Social balance within the company is balanced under all circumstances.

- Improvement of personal talents is encouraged thorough healthy positioning and guidance efforts. The responsibility of improvement is shared among employees, managers and the company.

- Employees are provided with equal opportunities for their self improvement and good performance is awarded objectively. Performance is evaluated and awarded according to objective criteria regarding business. Abdullah Atıcı has been appointed as the representative in charge of employee relations.
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