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Yeşil Real Estate Investment Trust Inc. follows a young and dynamic way aiming to adapt the changing market conditions in the sector continuously. Working with international investors is one of the key values Yeşil REIT believes for success in the global market conditions. In this respect, Yeşil REIT became a member of ULI (Urban Land Institute) in February 2000. It also joined as the founding member of GYODER (The Association of real Estate Investment Companies) on 2 August 1999, founded by the existing and being founded representatives of Real Estate Investment Trust companies in Turkey with the goal of introduction and representation of the real estate as a new and promising sector and the dynamic flagship guiding the economy, encouraging the sector's development, bringing and maintaining standards to sector regarding quality, control and education.

Yeşil REIT shows extra care to maintain its social responsibility awareness as required for an entity that invests in the future, while launching new residential projects with its international experience and unique vision. Yeşil REIT, which has established social responsibility as a part of its corporate culture, emphasizes social benefits and sustainability, with a view to people and environment, while planning its work in this line. We bring our projects related with social responsibility to fruition thanks to the synergy we created through our institutionalized structure and employees with a high awareness of social responsibility. Yeşil REIT, which supports various social activities to this end, has determined what can be done in the face of global warming threat together with its employees.

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