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The set of ethic rules, code of conduct was formed for the company and its employees by the Board of Directors and has been announced to employees and public on the company web site according to the disclosure policy. In this regard, the Code of Conduct of the Company is as follow:

a) Social consideration: Our Company is sensitive for its social responsibilities and complies with regulations and ethic codes regarding the environment, consumers and public health.

b) Reliability and honesty: In our relations with employees and shareholders, we act honestly as our primary value; reliability and honesty are the main priorities in all relations and business processes.

c) Professional ethics: The information to be announced publicly is not disclosed to certain investors or relevant parties prior to the public announcement. Those who have access to confidential company information due to their activities, such as in dependant auditing company, consulting people or corporations, rating organizations and unions, are exceptions of this rule. In this case, those who access the information keep it confidential in alignment with confidentiality principle and ethic codes.

d) Care and priority for the shareholders: Board members do not submit to pressures against the disadvantage of shareholders and accept financial benefits; the necessary regulations for preventing the employees from submission to such pressures have been formed by the Corporate Governance Committee.

e) Having the team spirit and solidarity approach: A common set of values has been formed in a working environment without discrimination and with an understanding of team spirit and solidarity.

f) Dynamism: Making fast and applicable decisions in order to comply with the active and competitive dynamics of the business life.

g) Self esteem: Our goal is creating a synergy in alignment with our company vision with board members and employees who have the necessary skills for reaching information, working efficiently, thinking in a questioning and independent manner as well as having consideration for humanity, respect to ethic values, principles and self esteem.

h) Objectivity: We act objectively in order to reinforce the trust of our customers and shareholders; we determine and take measures in advance for situations that may be harmful for our objectivity.

i) Independence: -Independent auditing corporations and auditing staff employed by them are fundamental. The independence principle means; execution of auditing activities by the independent auditor without the interference of any relations, benefit or influence that may harm their professional opinion and objectivity.

- The Board of Directors has been formed in a way to realize its decision making, execution and representation tasks independently and without any conflict of interest at the highest level of efficiency. The talent, skill, experience and independence levels of the Board Members affect the performance level and success of the Board as well as the achievements of the company in reaching to its goals.

j) Harmony: Maximum care is taken for establishing mutual harmony among the company, employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers. Necessary measures are taken for maintaining harmony.

k) Extroversion: Extrovert communication skills are encouraged for establishing good relations with shareholders, beneficiaries and suppliers. In alignment with our transparent disclosure approach, necessary information is provided to shareholders and relevant parties, with exception of data classified as confidential and trade secret.

l) Consistency: Off-the-books activities are forbidden; accuracy and consistency of business records are fundamental. Honesty, trust, consistency, professionalism, independence, long-term relations and mutual interests are considered as respected principles in relations with the customers, suppliers and other individuals and parties making business with the company.
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